Introduction to Augmented Reality
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Real life is the physical world and virtual reality whisks you away to places completely outside of real life, but what about in between? Augmented Reality takes what you know and where you are and adds a twist. It uses algorithms to place objects in the real world, allowing the user to see current surroundings but with something extra. Consider Pokemon Go. Users signed onto the app to see where Pokemon were in real space. Capturing Pokemon required moving towards them in real-time, manipulating the real environment through AR technology. This type of object recognition allows users to transport to slightly different worlds. It has applications in gaming, of course, but industry is getting in on the action. Some dangerous training could become easier if a company uses AR, so augmented reality applications could be the next biggest frontier. Move over Snapchat; the real-world environment is changing.


Learn about Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has many use cases, not just in entertainment but in business use cases or education. When elements from a virtual world collide with the real world, applications seem limitless. Augmented reality apps are already here, and training protocols are the next big thing in AR tech. Soon, we could be using augmented reality experiences to learn new things, train on the job, and augment everyday life.